How to change colors in Photoshop

As this is the first post for my blog on Photoshop tutorials, I am going to start with beginners level. And this color changing work was done by me in year 2011 when I was beginner in Photoshop. So let’s take a look at the Image it self,

Download This Image

Step 1: Open Photoshop

START > All Programs > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop.exe
or you can simply double click to open if you already have short cut on your desktop.

STEP 2: Open downloaded photo in Photoshop

Once you have Photoshop open on your machine,
Go to File > Open
browse to the file you have downloaded and hit “Open”.


Step 3:  Making selection around Red Roses

Let us unlock the image by double click on the image’s layer. and then in pop up menu hit “ok”.


Now lets start making selection around red roses, to do so we are using “magic wand tool”.  What this does is it selects all the color range where we have clicked for sample. So we will select magic wand tool by pressing “W” on keyboard, It is located in Tools Bar here,


Once you have activated the magic wand tool, click on any of one rose. make sure you have checked on Add to Selection. It will allow you to select different color tones of Red Rose, and it will automatically add new color tone selection to your existing selection. Also check on Contiguous. you can copy my setting for this tool.


Alright, now you have all the ammunition ready for this battle. Start selecting any of the rose. I have started with the top one.

Click on the darks of the red, It will select the dark red color range.


now select the mid tones & then Lights of the red, simultaneously.


And Finally select those red area which are still not selected by clicking on them.

Here is a Final selection of your first rose

Step 4: Make a New layer with Selection

Make a new layer with the shortcut “Ctrl+J” on keyboard. It will make a new layer of your selection.

Step 5: Changing Color using Hue & Saturation.

There are bunch of techniques in photoshop to do this, Intermediates & Advanced users use Adjustment Layers(Non-Destructive type) for this. But as a beginner’s tutorial we will stick to basic ways to do this. This method is destructive. that means once you applied hue/saturation and saved the file, then in future you can not change it. So understand this better. Get your fundas clear at this level then start work with Adjustment layers (Non-destructively).
Let’s Jump back in to photoshop!!

After selecting your “Layer 1” Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.
Keyboard shortcut for Hue/Saturation is “Ctrl+U”


This will open a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Properties.
Now adjust Hue slider to change color of the image. you can play with saturation and Lightness to get the desired color tone.  and then hit “Ok”.


Dont forget to check live preview of the changes.


Step 6: Repeat Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 for all those other Roses.


Step 7: You are Done! Your Image is Ready Now!


Download This Image

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